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Innovative Solution Developing and Providing

Rich Bio Technology Research Institute has a trust and vision for enhancing the competitiveness of the domestic cosmetics industry and

developing into a world-class cosmetics raw materials company. Our company felt the need and founded the Rich Bio Research Institute.

In order to develop high-quality cosmetic ingredients, we are achieving qualitative growth through intensive investment by research manpower,

maximizing research and development capabilities through a variety of networks with industry-academia cooperation organizations, and by continuously

developing products through accumulation of our company's core competencies. We want to make your skin healthy and beautiful to give you happiness.


'Asia Economic TV press releases'

- This is an introduction video of Rich Bio Co., Ltd. reported on the media.
Rich Bio Co., Ltd is a company pursuing localization of cosmetic ingredients and supplies various cosmetic ingredients to cosmetic manufacturers.
We have various experiences and know-how experience in retail & distribution of cosmetic ingredients.
Our specialized cosmetic ingredients are being developed by industry-academia collaboration in research and national R&D projects.
We always do our best to provide customers with safer and more qualified cosmetic ingredients.